Garage Door Remotes 

If you own an automated garage door, you probably use your garage door remote control every day. Our garage door remote controls are incredibly reliable to use and now feature the latest in advanced encryption technology to protect you from code grabbing devices that can intercept some remote control signals. We call this technology Trio-Code 128™ and it is used on our latest generation of remote controls including PTX-5. The great news is that our Trio-Code 128 remote controls are backwards compatible. That means that you can use the latest technology remote controls even on your existing Automatic Technology opener (made from 2008 onwards).

The garage is often one of the most frequently used access points in your home so it is important that your family and loved ones are protected. For this reason we recommend using only genuine remote controls to ensure your remote works when you need it to and offers maximum operating range, convenience and security.

If you need to replace your existing remote control including the following popular models, call us now on 1300 133 944 or send us a message to find your nearest Automatic Technology dealer.

Popular Remotes - PTX-2, PTX-4, PTX-5, Securacode®, WTX-4. KPX-5, KPX-7

Click here to see the video on how to code a PTX-5 Remote Control yourself.

Premium Door Remotes

RRP $94.10 each (Code – 19556 Black or 19557 Grey)
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The new 4 button PTX-6 remote boasts a fresh new look and is available in grey (#61229) or black (#61228). Featuring patented Triocode™128 technology, these new remotes deliver secure and re...
SecuraCode® Garage Door Remotes

RRP $64.30 (Code – 19550 Blue, 19551 Pink)
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SecuraCode® code hopping technology generates a new random code from over 4.29 billion possibilities with each use of a Garage Door Remote.This ensures that with such odds only your Garage Door...