Garage Door Repairs

Support & Service

Automatic garage door openers are relied upon to power the largest door in your house, day after day, year after year.  If your garage door is broken or poorly installed it may affect the performance of your garage door opener. If this is the case, contact us at Automatic Technology where our expert team can assist with diagnosing the problem and how to rectify it. Our nationwide network of dealers are also experts in garage door and automatic opener repairs and service.  

We recommend that our automatic garage doors openers, and importantly the door they are attached to, are serviced at least every two years.  As the largest moving object in your home, with numerous and complex parts, regular servicing of your door and automatic opener ensures efficient operation, long life and safety for your family.

A service may only take 15 minutes but it is a valuable investment to make and may avoid costly garage door repairs over time.  Automatic Technology's dealers have expert technicians who are authorised to service ATA products,and can travel to your home to service or repair your garage door and opener. 

Call us now on 1300 133 944 or send us a message to find your nearest Automatic Technology dealer.