Frequently Asked Questions

All of our transmitters have stopped working but the OSC button still opens the door?

This could be radio frequency interference. Check that your transmitters are functioning properly and not jamming the signal. Also check to see if there is no other device within your vicinity such as a wireless door chime or baby monitor that is constantly transmitting. Alternatively please contact us on 1300 133 944 for advice.

My door or gate does not open all the way, why?

There may be an obstruction blocking the path of the door or gate or perhaps the travel limits need to be reset. Refer to your owner's manual for instructions on setting limits.

Why does the opener beep when opening the door?

The overload indicator has been triggered and needs to be reset. It is possible that the door and/or opener need to be serviced. Please contact us on 1300 133 944 for assistance.

Why does the door or gate reverse before it completes the close cycle?

The opener is sensing an obstruction - this could be a physical object in the doorway or perhaps the door is binding at that point of its travel. Also the force margin might need to be adjusted and retested. If there is no physical obstruction and adjusting the force margin has not resolved this issue, please contact us on 1300 133 944 for assistance.

Sometimes my door opens by itself? (27MHz and pre-TrioCodeTM systems only)

This could be radio frequency interference, a faulty transmitter or perhaps a opener issue. Please contact your local dealer for assistance.

When I press the transmitter for my overhead door opener, the chain/belt moves but the door does not open?

Check if the opener has been disengaged. Re-engage the opener using the string handle and make sure that the chain index clicks into the shuttle securely.

How do I exit my property if there is a power failure?

Disengage the opener to switch your door/gate into manual mode. Refer to your instruction manual for further information. Once you have exited the garage or property you can lower the door or close the gate and re-engage the opener to securely lock up.

The door seems heavy and opens very slowly?

You might need to have the door serviced and balanced. Please do not attempt this yourself as the springs are under very high tension. Please contact us on 1300 133 944 for assistance.